May 22, 2024

Looking for your perfect home? Here’s some top tips

Even perfection can be improved and perhaps it is this that makes you want to move. What was once your ideal home has now become too small, lacking the location you truly love or maybe you just fancy a change… Read Full Article
May 21, 2024

Renovation tips for landlords

When you’re a landlord, it can become difficult to make your property stand out in the rental market. This can be achieved by performing unique renovations that will attract more tenants. When considering renovations and improvements, you need to identify… Read Full Article
May 2, 2024

Your guide to understanding Council Tax bands

02/05/24 Council tax bands are used in the United Kingdom to determine how much each household should pay in council tax. Paying your council tax bill is a legal obligation for residents in the United Kingdom, and failure to pay… Read Full Article
February 6, 2024

How does using a good agent help avoid gazumping and gazundering?

  Gazumping and gazundering are not always carried out intentionally to save money. Sometimes buyers and sellers experience challenges while they are between homes, and a good agent can help you overcome them. What is gazumping? You are elated that… Read Full Article
January 30, 2024

How much your low EPC rating could be costing you

  In today’s financial climate, it is as important as ever to understand where your money is being spent. One of the main sources of expenditure is energy, so it is important to fully understand your Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)… Read Full Article
January 23, 2024

A great time to buy and a great time to sell

  Moving to a new home may seem like a daunting prospect, but it’s one of the most exciting things you can do. When you take into account the current market conditions and the wide range of options available to… Read Full Article
January 16, 2024

What to know when buying a leasehold property

    If you are looking for a more affordable way of finding a new home or entering the property ladder, buying a leasehold property could be the best option for you. With lower upfront costs and fewer maintenance responsibilities,… Read Full Article
January 2, 2024

How to present your home for a 2024 viewing

  Have you placed your home on the market with the goal of relocating in the new year? If so, you should make sure your home looks irresistible when potential buyers come for a viewing. Let’s look at what you… Read Full Article
December 7, 2023

It’s been emotional! Learning to let go of your old home

  It’s easy to become attached to a home that most likely made so many happy memories, and perhaps some that are not so good. Either way, the best way to move on in every sense of the word is… Read Full Article