September 7, 2023

Interest rates rise to 5.25%

Last month, the Bank of England announced an increase of 0.25% to its Base Rate. In June, the inflation rate dropped by 0.8% to 7.9%. Experts have seen mortgage rates begin to edge down marginally in the last few weeks… Read Full Article
August 20, 2023

Homes for all! Shops into houses and lofts into mansions

  Housing Secretary Michael Gove plans to introduce new planning rules in England, promoting more home extensions and conversions of shops into houses to address the housing crisis. The proposals aim to allow families to expand their homes and rejuvenate… Read Full Article
August 10, 2023

Rock On! Abbey Road Studios Rolls Out the Red Carpet for Locals This Summer!

  Abbey Road Studios invites the local community to explore the iconic Studio Two, where musical legends like The Beatles and Pink Floyd made history. Join expert talks by Kevin Ryan and Brian Kehew. Don’t miss this unique opportunity in… Read Full Article
August 4, 2023

UK Housing Market Shows Strong Resilience Amid Interest Rate Changes

  The UK housing market demonstrates its strength as house price inflation stabilizes at a manageable level. Despite rising interest rates, the market remains robust, presenting opportunities for both buyers and renters. Rental demand is on the rise, leading to… Read Full Article
May 11, 2021

Updated guidance on possession action from the government

Landlords need to be aware of and follow the guidance set by the government on coronavirus and renting, which contains advice on possession proceedings, health and safety, maintenance and repairs. As always, the tenant’s safety should always be the landlord’s… Read Full Article
May 7, 2021

What do buyers and renters find essential in the current climate?

More than a quarter of UK homeowners and renters have claimed that their property priorities have changed since the COVID-19 outbreak. Previously highly-sought after and high-value property features have dropped down the priority list for homebuyers and tenants, as they… Read Full Article
May 6, 2021

Tenant demand continued to rise at the start of the year

The number of prospective tenants registering with agents rose for the third consecutive month in March, as many homebuyers either chose to delay their purchase plans or decided to rent in between their next house sale and purchase. According to… Read Full Article
April 25, 2020

Be Productive during Lockdown

With lockdown currently in place and the restrictions set for the near future, very few of us will ever have had so much time on our hands. It would be easy to let this time pass by, so we have… Read Full Article
May 13, 2020

Housing Market Restrictions Lifted

Viewing Residential Property – restrictions lifted ! There has been an amendment to the Health Protection (Coronavirus, Restrictions) Regulations 2020, yesterday evening, meaning that traveling can now be undertaken between properties, including the viewing of residential properties for sale and… Read Full Article