February 6, 2019

Rent control: it can work but can also backfire on tenants, says BBC

The BBC’s Reality Check service, respected for giving a more realistic assessment of many politicians’ promises, has looked at London mayor Sadiq Khan’s claim that the arguments for rent controls in the capital are “overwhelming.” While the Reality Check service… Read Full Article
January 28, 2019

Trading Standards prosecutes over criminal activity at rental property

A Trading Standards team has prosecuted a landlord who allegedly ‘knew’ criminal activity was taking place in his buy to let property. Leonardo Viscomi, from Lincoln, was prosecuted at the city’s Crown Court for two offences of knowing or suspecting… Read Full Article
February 4, 2019

Big fall in stamp duty ‘take’ shows reform backfiring on government

If former Chancellor George Osborne thought his 2014 stamp duty reform would produce more income for the government, it appears he was very much mistaken. New figures produced by HMRC and analysed by investment consultancy London Central Portfolio suggest that… Read Full Article
January 24, 2019

Outrage at Labour bid to introduce rent controls in London

There’s been an angry reaction to the suggestion that London’s Labour mayor, Sadiq Khan, is seeking to introduce rent controls in the capital. An article in The Guardian suggests that Khan wants to make such controls a central policy in… Read Full Article