January 22, 2018

It is no secret that the UK rental market is currently in the throes of an unprecedented boom. This boom is hitting every nook and cranny of the UK, but in places like St John’s Wood, which have always been highly sought after, the effects are greatly pronounced.

The UK rental market and particularly that of London has always been strong, but the financial crisis has caused a perfect storm of converging circumstances, all fuelling a massive surge in demand for rental properties.

Firstly we have the crippled banks restrictive lending practices, which have prevented many would-be first time buyers from getting on the property ladder. They have of course been joined on the rental market by the thousands of households that lost their homes to repossession, who will be unable to get a mortgage for some years to come.

Those two effects began to add to rental demand almost immediately after the financial crisis washed our shores. At the same time, the financial crisis crippled construction in the UK. At first we had the supply that was already being built coming online, but as construction has stayed low, rental supply has got weaker and weaker.